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Caravan Security Marking


When buying a new caravan it is important to ask about its security features. The caravan should be electronically tagged as standard. Some of the best known tracking systems are the Phantom Pro Active, RAC Trackstar Monitored Tracking System, SAS Track N Text Caravan System, Asset Pay as you Track and the Mobile Tracking System Turbo Track. Details about the RAC Trackstar Tracking System can be found on the Bulldog Security Products page.

CRis Registration

If you're buying a second-hand caravan, check to see if the caravan is CRiS Registered. CRiS was set up in 1992 by the NCC to give touring caravan keepers their own registration system, similar to the DVLA system for cars. It provides a logbook system with an exclusive history and checking service for touring caravan keepers and dealers and is the only UK database for checking the history of a caravan. There is also a Pre 92 facility where older caravans have been registered by their owners.

Based around the international 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) system, CRiS ensures all registered caravans can be identified through this single number. Since late 1996, CRiS marked caravans have also been fitted with an electronic tag that also contains the same 17 digit VIN. Your caravan should already have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched onto the windows. If your vehicle is not marked in this way, have your chassis number etched onto all your windows. Consider marking your chassis number or postcode inside cupboards and in other places inside your caravan with a permanent marker pen and keep a note of these places.

Police and other regulatory organisations, when covertly checking suspect caravans, use this tag. Caravan owners can enhance the integrity of their caravans by adding additional tags and markings.

Security marking and registration of a vehicle not only deters thieves but can help the Police to identify and return stolen caravans or their contents to their rightful owners.

Further information can be found on the CRis website


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