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Caravan Security Devices



Caravan Security

There plenty of security devices to choose from these days. Any good Caravan accessories shop will stock them. It is worth buying the best that you can afford and then display the stickers provided with most devices in a prominent place to act as a further deterent. It is important to let would be thieves know that your caravan is fitted with a range of security devices - this will hopefully put them off stealing your caravan.

Common devices on the market are Hitch Locks, wheel Clamps, Wheel Stands and Security Posts. Some of which have been independently tested by Sold Secure. Sold Secure is administered by the Master Locksmiths Association with the help and backing of the Home Office. Manufacturers and suppliers can apply to have their products tested by Sold Secure. A team of professional locksmiths with up to date knowledge of modern theft methods including the latest picking tools then assess products for the risks they are likely to encounter when in use. They have 3 approved standards, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold being the highest approved standard. Products that have been satisfactorily assessed may bear the Sold Secure Quality Mark.

When looking around for your caravan's security devices it is probably worth seeing whether it has or has not been tested by Sold Secure, and if it has what approval did it receive.

Hitch locks

Hitch LockA Hitch lock will provide a reasonable degree of protection. Try to get a good quality one like a Fortress Hitchlock, Milenco Heavy Duty Hitchlock, or a Bulldog Heavy Duty. They are designed to totally enclose the hitch head and fixings and are offered clearly visible by their colour, Bulldog uses Red, whilst Milenco uses Yellow. Most are made to include a high security drill and pick resistant lock. They are easy to fit and are reasonably priced at around £50 and upwards.

Although these are designed to stop an opportunist thief hitching your caravan up and towing it away, it is still worthwhile having a wheel clamp or other locking device to prevent the movement of the caravan.

Wheel Clamps

Wheel Clamp

There is a large variety of wheel clamps on the market and again it is worth buying a good one. Bulldog, SAS, Millenco and Wheelok all produce a good range of Wheel Clamps which are insurance approved and in many cases easy to fit. These are priced at around £50 and upwards.



Security Posts

Security PostAnother option is to invest in a security post which are cemented into the drive and physically block movement of the caravan. These can be detachable, can fold down or can be telescopic so that the caravan can be manoeuvred into position. They can then be raised to stop the caravan being moved from that position on a drive. Trailer lock posts can be fitted with a towbar on top of the post so that the caravan can be fixed with a hitch lock. These are an excellent security device for caravan storage.


Chains and Padlocks

ChainsAnother option is to use chains anchored into the ground (preferably concrete) and then padlocked to the caravan axle to prevent movement. If this method is going to be adopted it is worth buying high quality heavy duty chains and strong padlocks. Ground anchors can cost around £40. For more details about a strong chain visit the English Chain Company website


Wheel stands

If you decide to buy some wheel or axle stands then once the caravan is on the axle stands take the wheels off and put 3 locking wheel nuts back onto the wheel studs. This will prevent thieves placing a wheel back onto the axle and towing it away.

Other Security Devices

There are a range of other devices which can be used to protect your caravan or its belongings. These would include a reliable alarm, a caravan door deadlock, a time switch for lighting and professionally installed security marking. Gas Cylinders should also be padlocked to their fixing clamps.

Bulldog Security Products Ltd produce a range of high quality security devices for use with caravans and more details about them can be found on the Bulldog Security Products page of this website

The West Yorkshire Police has put together its own details on Caravan theft which can be veiwed on its website by clicking on


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