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Touring Caravan Hire


Before taking that big step of buying a caravan, it may be worth hiring a caravan first and trialling one out. You could think of it as like going for a test drive. There are a number of companies around the UK who specialise in hiring caravans out on a daily or weekly basis with prices starting from around £40 a day and £200 a week. If you are not 100% sure whther caravanning is going to be for you, then this may be the best way of discovering whether or not you are ging to enjoy having one.

Most of the companies will have a selection of quality models of 2 - 6 berths which may also be
delivered to any UK location, you will need to ask the company about this facility.

For more information about hiring a caravan, visit the websites of

Acorn Caravans -

Caravan Hire Direct -

North Western Caravans -

Motorholme -


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