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Motorhome Manufacturers

Autocruise CH Ltd

Autocruise is an award winning South Yorkshire based manufacturer producing three ranges of high quality coach built motor homes. They are the Autocruise, Pioneer and Thoroughbred. These have been built to provide the owner with the ultimate experience in owning and driving a motorhome.


Auto-Sleepers have been building motorhomes in Worcestershire for over 40 years and are the longest established UK motorhome manufacturer. Their motorhomes are based on Ford, Peugeot and Volkswagen Chassis. The Auto-Sleeper range includes the multi-purpose Compact to the Coachbuilt, Premier and Monocoque range. Auto-Sleeper vehicles are famed for their quality, style and practicality.

Auto-Trail Motorhomes

Auto - Trail is another award winning Grimsby based manufacturer of Britains most popular range of luxury motorhomes. Their range is made up of 6 models which are the Tracker, Apache, Cheyenne Miami, Frontier and the Grande Frontier. Their models are based on the Fiat or Mercedes Benz chasis cab.

Bilbo's Design

Bilbo's Design was appointed by Volkswagen as a specialist motorhome converter at the end of the 1980's. Since that time, Bilbo's have built a solid reputation for design, build-quality and know-how, that has promoted Bilbo's to be a leading converter, both respected and sought-after in motorhome circles. The LEZAN, NEXA , CELEX and the KOMBA range are all new designs and have been developed as conversion for the Volkswagen Transporter.

Explorer Group

The Explorer Group produces the Elddis and Compass range of Motorhomes. The 2006 range of Elddis motorhomes are hand built in the UK with an outstanding specification and are built on the very popular Peugeot Boxer chassis. The Compass range are not only attractively priced, but are also hand built in the UK with an outstanding specification - representing quality and value pure and simple. They both have 12 vehicles in this range from 2 to 6 berth, short to long wheel base, and entry level to luxury specification and styling.

Hymer UK

As the UK's only authorised Hymer importer, their Northwest showroom has enough variety and variation to keep even the most avid motorhome enthusiast occupied for hours. The full range of their quality German motorhomes consists of the Hymer B-Class which is the most popular integrated motorhome in Europe, the Hymer T-Class Classic Semi-integrated motorhomes, the Hymer C-Class Classic series and finally the highly practical, compact and manoeuvrable Hymer Van & Exsis.

IH Motor Campers

IH Motor Campers build all our motor homes on site in our factory facility in West Yorkshire. IH Motor Campers believe that when you buy an IH motor camper you buy more comfort, more quality and so much more for your money. There are 5 models in their range the Oregon, Oregon R, Tio, Tio Cama and the Tio R. These are all based on the Chassis.

Lunar Motorhomes

Lunar Motorhomes based in Preston, Lancashire, have a healthy reputation for its design and innovation. Lunar have an impressive range of luxurious motorhomes which include the Newstar, Roadstar, Champ, Premier, Telstar, Xstar and Fivestar models. They all boast a high level of specification and build quality. Lunar has chosen the Fiat Ducato chassis cab and Renault chassis cab to base its models on.

MURVI Motorcaravans Ltd

Murvi based in Devon, near Plymouth are an award winning manufacturer of the Murvi Vans and are renowned for their innovation and quality in all their motorhomes. They have 4 models in their product range. These are the Meteor which can be based on the Volkswagen T5 Kombi, or the Fiat Ducato, The Morello based on a choice of Fiat Ducato or Mercedes Sprinter, the Mallard is based on the Fiat Ducato or Volkswagen T5 Kombi, and finally the Mirage is everything you want it to be, and is based on the new Mercedes Vito or Viano and the Volkswagen T5 Shuttle S.

Pilote UK

Pilote Motorhomes are manufactured at their factories based in France and Germany. They have over 40 years experience in producing motorhomes for European owners. From Stockholm to Seville, the PILOTE concept is appreciated for its qualities of robustness, longevity and design. Their product range consists of 3 the AVENTURA , the REFERENCE and the EXPLORATEUR with 30 different models divided into them. They are based on a Fiat, Renault Master or Mercedes Chassis.

Rapido Motorhomes

Caravanes Rapido based in Wokingham, Berkshire specialises in selling and modifying Rapido Motorhomes for the UK market. There are 4 Motorhome models in their range which are the Series 7, Series 70, Series 9F and the Series 9M. The first three are based on a Fiat chassis whilst the 9M is based on a Mercedes Chassis.


Romahome Ltd

Romahome Ltd are specialists in the manufacture of compact coach-built motor homes, with a manufacturing plant on the Isle of Wight. They have been producing motor homes which have the versatility, economy and drivability of a car combined with all the features of a motor home since 1982. There are 3 product ranges that they produce, the Duo two berth motorhome range meets the needs of urban shopping and long distance touring with ease whilst the Duo Hylo is designed to meet an ever growing demand for comfort and versatility. Finally the Dimension brings more space greater flexibility and higher specifications and is based on the short wheelbase Citroën Relay.

Swift Group

The Swift Group manufacture three brands of motorhomes the Ace, Swift and Bessacarr. The Ace range is designed to be an ideal starting point for anybody thinking of buying their first motorhome. The Bessacarr is a more sophisticated and refined model whereas the Swift Motorhomes are a premier range offering high specification, refined design and luxurious interiors.


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